Saturday, January 02, 2010

Christmas Eve & New Year Eve

Christmas eve and new year eve we all also went to upper penang road celebrate. christmas eve is more fun because we get into mois and met alot of friends. drink alot too so abit tipsy. but new year eve very dry. dint get into any club and dint met many friends. we all just sit outside Soy 11 drink and chat and take photo ONLY! and MAMAK

anyway, it's a new year and we need to start a new life again. forget the past and have fun in the year 2010. wish my dream come true.XD happy new year to everybody.

New Year Eve:

Robin, me, Johnson

chin wei & me.we were so red.haha

huei wen and me.

GIRLS.and the hiao one.hahaha

ong siang & me.

sweeny and me.old friend.=D

me and the leng luis,jiaying & meiqin

max, me, manfred, ryan

chuan & me

james and me

james, jessment, me

wen huey and me

christmas eve.

theng and me.

before the christmas celebration, we went to gurney buy present for exchange.

p/s: next post, genting trip with doreen,lisa and yenni.

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