Sunday, January 03, 2010

House Party

went to John's house last night for the house party. me,Doreen and Lisa went to sunshine farlim bought 4bottle of sparkling juice then went to HueiWen's house fetch her. reached his house around 8something.mostly are his cousin and mum's student which is korean.WOW!

after having some food, we then went up to his room to play poker card. who lose need to drink those silly drinks which is vodka mix with sparkling juice.YUCKS~! and unfortunately, i'm the luckiest one.i keep lose and drink. i feel tipsy after 5-6 glass of this sucks drinks.==

then we all stop playing and make fun.taking pictures,webcam photo and etc. Lisa them went down to sing karaoke with his daddy and sister and i sit there rest. a moment later, we all feel bored and start playing DARE! this is the most fun throughout the night.

we have alot of fun and very enjoy.It's a good night, better than new year eve.XD

while playing the card:

they are shy.XD

she is drinking that silly drinks.yucks~! *vomit*
here it is.:S
Kelvin get the smallest and he need to drink.XD
and i keep lose.==
webcam session.XD

the vain joyce: XD

we went down and sing k:

his daddy,the nice one.:)

DARE session:

huei wen and me kiss lisa.

john's sister kiss lisa's forehead.

john bite robin's pants

robin hold ah zhui's hand and post a gay post.XD

huei wen kick ah zhui's ass.

i bite kelvin.

kelvin posing a sexy post.XD
lisa's nose touch kelvin one.
i ride kelvin.
huei wen lick lisa
doreen and me lick kelvin leg.WTF!
he like raped by edward and he feel shy.XD
edward bike johnson..........
my nose touch kelvin ear
johnson kiss my forehead.
my nose touch ah zhui's nose.
doreen bike kelvin's ass, kelvin bite edward's ass
huei wen lick ah zhui's neck.WTH!
i bite lisa's toe.OMG + WTF!
i ride robin.
lisa and edward shake their ass.
huei wen kiss edward's forehead.
edward use upper part's teeth to touch johnson's lower part'steeth.XD
doreen need to propose to johnson.ah zhui kiss lisa forehead.LOL

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