Monday, November 01, 2010


Monday, Doreen came my house and fetch me to lunch. when she reached my house, we sat in her car and waited for John to come and met up with us. we went to the nearest coffee shop to have our lunch. at first, we planned to eat western food because Doreen said she wanted to eat western food so i suggested her to go to the opposite coffee shop but sadly there doesn't have any western food.oops~

after lunch, John went to find Simon to do something while i accompany Doreen went to Tesco a while because she wanted to buy something. after Tesco, she didn't want to go back home so we go round island. we drive up to queensbay there, then we went to Sg.Pinang. Around 5pm, she dropped me home.

these are the things she bought at tesco: two lotion, a lip balm, a comb and a 'shower stick?'

TOTAL : RM 40.20 =X

this is our food during the road trip. XD

the steering of her car.

here are the scene that i took at queensbay there:

we heading to George Town. C=

we reached! outside Burger King, not much people like the first few weeks when it launch.

they want to hire people. who's interested? :D

Strawberry forever going to open next to Burger King. wonder what kind of shop will it be. sell strawberry? XD

these are the things we did in the car.LOL
she is busy with her nail. sharping her nail while me:

busy of taking photo.hehe

parking sticker of MBS.

these are the signature of the place.

the vehicle that we saw over there:

Lebuh Sungai Pinang 4 is the name of the street. ;)

brochures are stick at anywhere. this is MALAYSIA. : )

the flowers :

Doreen's key chain - Hello Kitty

it's for advertisement purpose. Melody Kinder-garden

i wish i can live in either the condo or the three storey house. they are so nice and the environment so peaceful! can i live here? :X

FOR RENT! can i rent here?XD

this also FOR RENT?? :O
I had a nice road trip and a nice day! thanks my dear. C:

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