Sunday, November 07, 2010

Toy poodle

I love DOGS! seriously, i love them but not ALL. I only Love TOY POODLE!! C= I wish to adopt one in the future and live in a condo with my love one. XD

Look at them!! OMG! they are so damn cute! how can you not love them when you saw their innocent face! I LOVE YOU! :D
( i prefer brown one, easier to take care.hehe)

It just like my teddy bear. =3=

cute isn't?

he/she look so innocent and pity.=3= how can you not love and sayang them?OMG!


Tomboys Lover said...

wow toy poodle so cute la do you know where i can get it they are kinda similiar to pinky selina ren frm S.H.E dog

ms.joyce said...

yeah, they are super cute, just like a teddy bear. :D i think most of the pet shop will have it.

Simon said...

they dont stay like that forever

Anonymous said...

Faster ask your love one to get u one