Monday, November 08, 2010

I Love Christmas!!

I'm full of Christmas feel now~! =3=

Watched Mickey's twice upon a christmas yesterday and suddenly have a strong feeling of having Christmas party!! didn't think of going upper again like last year, but still wish can have a Christmas dinner and exchange present with my fellow friends. C= too bad, Penang doesn't give me any strong feeling or environment of Christmas. It seems like everybody just know go clubbing.=/ so damn bored! look at those foreign country, they had all those nice decoration along the street, Christmas songs everywhere, everybody wear something on their head which related to Christmas and what about Malaysia? =/

since i were young, i already imagined my dream Christmas but actually it's just very normal in other country, especially those with snow. Talked about Christmas, we can't forget about SNOW!! i wish i can have a Christmas with snow badly! i wish to go somewhere have snow when i afford to in the future. :D

I wish to have a white Christmas, which outside my house is full of snow and i will decorate it with all the colorful lights and a big christmas tree outside my house, and it has snow on it. Just like the picture showed on above. Nice isn't?

Then i want to put a smaller Christmas tree in my room which is also full of colorful lights and Christmas Adornment on it. I like the bells and the star. :D Just like the picture showed.XD all the presents which is brought by my fellow friends will put under the tree, wait until we had finished the dinner and exchange presents!
And i want to decorate my house, a simple but nice decoration like the picture. ;) hang a big red sock at bottom of my bed, waiting someone special to put Christmas present inside.XD
I wish to see such a cute Santa Clause, walking on the street and giving sweet or small gift door by door to the children and teenages perhaps. (because i'm already no longer a kid.XD ) When the Santa Clause ring my door bell, we all open the door happily and waiting for the gift from his magic bag. ;)
I love Christmas! not only the snow, the music that let me feel peaceful, but also the moment of opening the gift! i'll feel nervous, can't stop thinking of what kind of gift will I get and i will keep pray that i can have a big teddy bear!!XD i love teddy bear, especially those which full of hair ones. :D

I wish i can receive a mickey or mini as my Christmas present!! they're cute, isn't? C= i don't mind to get a toy poodle, if there's someone who rich enough to buy me one.XD as i said, i love bear which full with hair! =D

I will named them as.....errr.....mor mor?maggie?XD

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