Friday, November 26, 2010

很想和你在一起 Happily ever after

[很想和你在一起] is an old movie which show on last year but i just watched it on astro. it's really touch me and the story very nice until i want to share it here for everyone. :D










楠与捷都热爱摄影,学校的后山成为了两人的「战场」。他们试过半夜摸黑上山,更试过拍下雨后 彩虹,却各自分别拍到半条。中六的学期末,捷决定为自己争取幸福,花了大半积蓄买了一部宝丽莱相机送给楠,但阴差阳错下,楠又误会捷戏弄她,更在他脸上留 下了一记耳光。后来到她知道是一场误会时,已经太迟。



look! he is not bad looking! C= [for me] xD
she is pretty either. :D

and this is the ending.

the guy's die after few weeks coma, but his heart had donate to a child. the guy's sister bring the child to see the girl during her birthday. she hugging the child and cried.and the guy said Happy Birthday to her at the back, he didn't leave her, he was there to protect her, like her angel. the ending was 3 of them took a family photo. it didn't state whether they together or not, but obviously, the girl's daddy accepted him, count as a happy ending also, just the guy is a spirit, both of them can't stay together until forever, but i watched a movie, there is a sentence very suit them : one minute also can be forever, as long as they stay beside each other. ;D

this movie really very touch, it shows that how deep is the love among them. although the guy in coma, but his spirit still come back to hong kong and find his beloved and never want to leave her alone, he choose to protect her quietly while the girl never forget him. i cried when i know she is dating with a spirit, she can't own him anymore. this is so touch! anyone haven't watch yet should try it. perhaps you will cry like i do. xD

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