Monday, August 15, 2011

Ferringhi Garden

Went to Ferringhi Garden for my dinner last night after movie. It's my first time and I really love the environment over there. It suitable for either couple or friends' gathering.

The coaster.

Their napkin.
The time we reached there already 10.30pm, one of the waiter brought us to outside but one lady *I think is supervisor or something* like scolding the waiter of bringing us in. I thought it wanted to close but not, just that section closed, we may sit inside.

The environment inside the restaurant also not bad but outside more beautiful. What to do? We are late maybe next time. XD

Not only the environment, the presentation of the food and the taste also very good. We ordered two glass of Sauvignon Blanc, a Caesar Salad, Grilled Lemongrass Chicken and Oriental Chicken Chop. The presentation of Caesar Salad is more nicer compare to 1885. :X

Caesar Salad
 The white "ball" actually is an egg, it look so nice and I wonder how they make it. =/ The taste of the Caesar Salad very good, the white sauce *I don't know what is the sauce* taste like wasabi, it combine of salty and spicy.
Grilled Lemongrass Chicken.
 The salad taste good. It different with other, I think they put sesame oil because it has a very strong smell of that and sesame oil always taste good. The chicken has the taste of Traditional Chinese herb. But one thing I don't like is they gave me chicken breast which taste very hard, I personally don't like it. Overall the taste not bad.
Oriental Chicken Chop.
What make it different compare to others is the sauce. The sauce of it taste very different compare with others but I can't say it clear how different as this meal is not mine, I just taste once. XD

I personally very like the environment and the food over there. Although most of the waiters waitress are not local but their service very good, the staff very friendly and helpful. When we are about to leave, they provided us raincoat due to raining outside. They help us to wear it too~ I like their service and their friendliness.. A BIG THUMB FOR THEM!

And some photo of the place :

Their house pour, Sauvignon Blanc.


Wall light.

I like the teddy bear, wonder are they selling it.


They provided raincoat for guests when it's raining. So attentive. 

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