Monday, August 22, 2011

Michelangelo's Restaurant & Bar

Went to Gurney last Saturday. There is a new restaurant opened so me and Eugene decided to have a try. It is beside Chilli's which previously was Breeks.

Michelangelo's Restaurant & Bar is an Italian cuisine restaurant, last week only launching. That time we planned to try it but the people said only open for invitation guests so we make it this week.
The Menu.
Quite many people when we were there, perhaps it still new? I order a Caesar Salad and a Cheesy Spaghetti (forget the italian name) and he ordered a Mushroom Soup and Spaghetti Carbonara.

We requested a ice water but the waitress said: " Sorry, we don't have ice water we only serve mineral water. " I was like, mineral water put some ice then it is ice water, not? Is it so hard for you to put some ice inside. == and then we saw a waitress holding a jug of ICE WATER serving the table beside us. =/  And then I requested for warm water, then the waitress said : " Sorry, we don't have warm water, we only have Sparkling water." Again?! Such a big restaurant & bar you tell me that YOU DO NOT HAVE WARM WATER? wth!

The service was totally bad, I'm a guest here and you should fulfill my need and it is not too much, just a glass of ice water and a glass of warm water. Apart from the service, the food is not really nice also.

Caesar Salad
 The Caesar Salad is not nice at all. The vegetable is fresh but the chicken slice taste weird and too soft? I don't know how to describe but the time you bite the chicken you will friable? The presentation also not nice. They didn't wipe the side plate clean before they served and the egg yolk was broke. ==
The cheesy spaghetti.
 It is combination of 4types of cheese but I just can remember Parmesan and Mozzarella. I can't finish it because IT IS SO SALTY. I don't know, perhaps combination of 4 cheese will become salty? But it is really OVER SALTY. Even Eugene tasted it and said so.
The Mushroom Soup.
 Although I just taste one spoon but I already don't feel like continue it. It taste weird. Eugene, the one who finish it all also complaint that the mushroom soup not nice.
Spaghetti Carbonara.
This dish not bad, not too creamy. The only dish we feel nice so far. LOL

Because I didn't finish my spaghetti and I don't feel full, so I ordered their dessert. Eugene said that better go other place to eat the dessert but I insisted to order there. Luckily their dessert didn't disappointed me. (:
Italian Chocolate Cake with Vanila Ice Cream
 (I forget the name).
This dessert finally make me feel that it's worth for me to dine in there. LOL~ the time when I ordered this, the waitress told me that it takes time to bake and i said okay. I was thinking it better worth for me to wait. And it really worth it. It taste nice, the cake was very warm and eat with the vanila ice cream, the temperature just right. Even the sweetness also just right. The cake was not too sweet and combine with the sweetness of the ice cream. I think only this dessert will be the reason I back again.

Overall, I personally don't really like this restaurant. The design of the restaurant is really nice, but the service is speechless. And the food so so only. =/

Let's the picture tell you how nice is the design of the restaurant, but not much photo taken because the service and food already spoiled our mood~

The wall picture.

The Chandelier. 

It was really full on that night but NOT SATISFIED at all.

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