Friday, August 19, 2011

Vintage Bulgaria

Last Tuesday went to Vintage Bulgaria have my dinner. It is located at Tanjung Bunga. 

Vintage Bulgaria is a restaurant & bar which operated by a Bulgarian family. The decoration of the restaurant is full of Bulgarian feel. You can even find the Bulgarian food in the menu.

Bulgarians are a South Slavic ethnic group native to Bulgaria and neighboring regions. Emigration has resulted in immigrant communities in a number of other countries. Click here for more info about Bulgarian

There is two level while I sit at the underground part. The environment there not bad, played some sentimental song and not really noisy, perhaps not much guests on that night. XD 

I ordered the caesar salad, the taste a bit salty but the chicken slice taste good. Compare to Ferringhi Garden, I still like Ferringhi Garden Caesar Salad, the presentation and the taste also nicer. :X

Main Course - Chicken Spindle
 A bit spicy because it grilled with black pepper, the taste quite nice. And the part that they gave me is not chicken breast, not too hard and i finished all. :D

Side dish for the baby pork.

The Baby Pork.
 If you are not very hungry or you are not that kind of person who really can eat a lot please don't order this course as it is REALLY BIG PORTION. lol

Dessert - Chocolate Creme Brule
The dessert taste good, sweetness average, not too sweet which fit my taste as I don't like things too sweet. (:

Overall quite nice, but the staff not attentive enough. The wine glass already finished but no one refill it and we have to refill it ourselves. Our cutlery already put aside which shows that we are already finished the dish but no one come to us and clean it until we have to ask the staff to clear it. But the environment and the dish taste good so I still satisfied with my dinner~ :D

Here are some pictures tell you the Vintage Bulgaria :

The vase.

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The wall light. 

Bulgaria's symbolize 

For more info about the restaurant, please visit :


Lovely JanJan said...

Izit very expensive?!

ms.joyce said...

Not really, average price lo. Like normal restaurant.