Monday, August 15, 2011

Your Food Review

Last Saturday I and Juvenn worked for Qyzzy Sdn Bhd. They have a press conferences for their launching at Straits Quay in front the Weighbrau Restaurant from 11am until 2pm is a website for people to search for the Penang food. You can find the ratings, the review by the local people and the information about that restaurant. It very suitable for either local or tourists. You can search for the restaurant according to the categories like type of cuisine, dining time, type of dining or features of the restaurant. It's quite convenience for the people. And it can also download to your iphone or ipad so that you can check for it at anywhere anytime whenever you have no ideas where and what to eat.

The press conferences is not that small, I saw some of the reporters are coming like the star and a local channel tv *I don't know the name*, even YB Danny Law also coming to the press conferences. And the press conferences only for invited guests only.

My job scope is very easy which just need to invite the guest to the backdrop and used instax camera to help them took photo and took out a board for YB to sign on it. That's all. LOL!

Since we are holding the instax camera, of course we won't waste the chance to take a photo of ourselves. Me and Juvenn went to back stage and start cam-whore. XD

The color of the instax camera very nice and the quality also not bad, some more very convenience. BUT, one thing is it can't edit especially we have pimples on our face. LMAO! And, it has no second chance for you to take again. So, even though I like to play with it, but I still love Lumix GF 2 MORE! :D

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