Friday, May 04, 2012

Monkey Beach

1/5 Labor Day, me and Juvenn escape from the busy city, went to a peaceful place - Monkey Beach to enjoy our holiday. It was a sudden plan actually as I was planned to go Batu Ferringhi and she said how about we go Teluk Pahang as she said she knows there's a not bad beach. Due to holiday, the beaches at Teluk Pahang were too crowded so we decided to go Pantai Keracut as we never been there. 

We reached at a jetty and have no ideas how to get there so we asked people. Pantai Keracut is out of penang island, so we need to rent a boat to get there. Thus, we rent a boat together with another 4tourists. We first stop at Pantai Keracut to see the turtle. It was disappointed though. The turtles were so small and few which just keep in a small water container and some specimen. We were like WTF?! Wasting our time and money. An hour later, the worker pick us up and drop us to Monkey Beach. 

We stayed there about 4hours, and went back around 5pm. Was so enjoy over there, not much crowd, soak in the sea water, look at the sea and sky, the beauty of the natural makes me so relax and peaceful. I'm so enjoy at that moment, run away from the busy life, noisy city. It was a wonderful holiday I have. ;D

On the way to Pantai Keracut. 

Leaving to Monkey Beach. 

This is Pantai Keracut. 

Sunbathing at Monkey Beach.
Was busy with enjoying the time, not much photo taken. If you have time, should visit this place. It's a nice place to relax if you are tired of the noisy city and busy life. ;)


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