Saturday, May 12, 2012

YES fair at KL

Last weekend drive down to KL for YES fair at Dataran Merdeka, on Sunday morning. This is my first time drive my own down to KL. Total 5people, 2 cars with some stocks. We depart around 7.30am on Saturday morning, but you guess what time we reach KL. It's 1.30pm in the afternoon!! WHY?! Because someone car's broke down! Tayar puncet by a superb driver - Wong Yee Yang. lol

This trip was super tired, rest less, drive a lot. The time i spent on my car is 2x more than I spent on my bed. :( Everybody was so tired yet to me, it's was fun actually,  excluded the busy traffic and complicated road at KL. We keep lost in KL even though I'm using GPS. Only can reach destination in short time with the accompanied of my boss.

Here are some pictures of the trip. ;)

Early beautiful  morning,

On the highway,

One of the car BROKE DOWN.

The superb driver is posing

The other driver trying to pose too.

Waiting someone to rescue.

The place we stay. SUPERB!

The girls.

The so call "Avengers"

Thank you BOSS.

This is so delicious.

This too. love it

All the promoters.

With boss.

Thank you all the boss for everything. (:

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