Wednesday, February 25, 2009


woke up early in the morning because seang ling told me wanna come and fetch me at 11.30am. we plan to go gurney watch movie because at night she got to work.BUT at the end, she put me aeroplane due to she wake up late. Zzzzz

then i sit at home, doing nothing. suddenly think tiok joe ee.== just remember that she wanna asked me out to shopping.xD so i called her and asked her wanna go gurney or not.hehe
about 2pm, her dad reached my house.(i thought she her dad fetch us to gurney. WOW, her dad changed car again, change to Honda City.

about 2.30pm, we reached gurney. we went to buy ticket. The House,4.20pm.after that, joe ee went to atm take money, after straight went to Watson buy cosmetic.== then we went to find eat.but we dont know want to eat what so we went to find doreen them.

we went to their working place find them chit chat.joo tiew, lay chia, phaik yan and huei ling also came to gurney. we all meet at there again. gathering again?lol around 3something, me and joe ee went to have our lunch. at the end we decide to go sakae have our lunch because she wanna see ng fook lam,(her ex)=X hiao~ xD at the end, she paid the bill. WOW treat me again, can't imagine uh?!LOL! then we straight went to gsc because we already late for 10minutes.

when we just step into the room, we were so shock because there only have 2girls! include us ONLY 4 GIRLS!btw, the movie not yet start although we already late for 10minutes.==
when the show start not long, a pair of couple came in. finally, got guy dy.@@"

around 6pm, the movie finally finished. this movie not really good, no wonder no people watch.after that, we just walked around at gurney. we went to find bag, go in so many shops MS. JOE EE also don't like.kek si! finally, she buy her nag at converse. we meet her darling?fujita at gurney too.

7something, my sister called me.before i went back, i bring her to doreen there.before me and my sister went home, we went to burger near our house there for our dinner.8something, reach home.

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