Sunday, February 08, 2009

Beauty Sunday

wake up early in the morning today because hiking with dear. wake up around 7 a.m. dear come and fetch me about 7.30 am. we went to bukit jambul hill for hiking. long time dint exercise dy, so very tired and chuan.==

after hiking, we went to sg. dua eat dim sum with my parents and grandma. about 9.50 am, we went back home while my parents them went to market. when we on the way home, we plan to watch car because dear's car really very very DIRTY!==

we went to my house's downstairs wash car. i went home take all the things and went to mini market buy sponge to polish the car, we put some "car's shampoo" into the water, then we used the water to wash the car first. after that, we only start polish. we used about 45minutes to polish whole car. after that, wash again.O.o finally, we had finish at 12.22pm.

we were so hot, our sweat keep dropping. i just knew that wash car was so tired. but it was fun if once a year. xD and now the car was so clean and smooth. we didn't buy wax so the car not so shining.

after cleaning all the things, we went to nearest kopitiamto have a drink. we really very hot and thirsty. then we only went back home. dear came to my house eat porridge because mum already cook for him.LOL! we all sit in the living room having lunch and watching dvd.

wait dear went back home, i only go to take bath. just now help his car polish, make his car become pretty. now is my turn to make myself pretty. xD
i do hair treatment, body scrub and facial. xD

btw, who want to wash and polish car can find me. RM 80 per car cheap cheap only lar. xD outside RM100 per car. =D

was so tired today, now wanna go to take a nap first. =D

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