Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Hour

woke up at 11am something, take a bath then go out with my dear. around 5pm something, reached gurney. we went to GSC bought ticket, Kung Fu Chef at 8pm, twin seat.

after we had bought the ticket, we just walked around at gurney and find my purse.about 7.15pm, we went to Bak Kut Teh Ong have our dinner. the food taste not bad and it's really cheap, that's why we keep go there.xD dear told me that the tauke of this restaurant very like to bak kut teh so he opened this restaurant with some friends. he said he get this news from newspaper.

half and hour later, we paid the bill, then went to watch our movie. this show quite funny, and the food look delicious, make me desperate to eat.LOL!the movie very short, 1-1 and half hour. we came out from cinema about 9.30pm.

we then called dear's friends to ask them whether they want to go where.they all keep change place.== finally they decide to go BED.omg BED AGAIN?!

both of us reached there around 10.30pm. we were sit inside the car waited them.suddenly dear said wanna go eat ice-cream or not. so we went to haegendaz eat ice-cream while waiting them.11.30pm, jason them had reached,finally.==

BED was full, so they all decide to go FAME. we reached upper penang road around 12am, we all stand in front SS and wait ah bao them because ah bao wear short pants so got to go home change.==

12.45am they reahced. we all went to FAME. they have voka inside but we there have 7boys and 3 girls so they ordered 1 bottle of chivas, total RM300, RM43 each guy.

this is the first time i went to clubbing, i'm so curious that why somebody so like to go, there were so smelly, i prefer BED.xD but the music there not bad, i just like the music and the chivas mix coke.xD but i prefer BED.=X

me and dear plan to go back at 2am, but ah bao was drunk, keep vomit some more can't walk, so we got to settle him first. at the end, we 3am only can go back. i reached home at 3.20am.


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