Friday, February 20, 2009


joe ee asked me went to Queensbay because she wanted to buy cosmetic and asked me to accompany her.== i reached at Queensbay about 1pm something. while waiting she came, i went to find my ex-colleague. xD long time dint see her dy, damn miss her. hehe=D

around 1.40pm, she finally reached Queensbay. she forgot how to go add-on find me so she find Oon Zen to accompany her.LOL! she really long time dint come out.@@

we went to WATSON, she find her cosmetic's stuff while i find my make-up remover and forget what jor, after that we just shop around. i bring her to THE ROOMS because she wanna she the things i brought for my dear as valentine present. at there, we found that we can rent the place to sell her things. we were so exciting.== keep discussing, but at the end also useless wad.ceh~

then we went to S&J to buy present for ms. Ho. i bought her 1 cute glass which has a cow there.xD sorry lar, i went to travel spent a lot of money so can't buy you expensive things.hehe

after i had bought my present, we went to KIM GARY had our lunch? we ordered 2 sandwich with cheese and ham, and i ordered 1 honey lemon while joe ee ordered mineral water.== i have free voucher so we get a free french fried.xD at the end, joe ee paid the bill because after used my RM5 voucher it only cost RM9.WOW!

after we finished our lunch, we off to The Face Shop. the things were totally cheap than The Body Shop.walk around, then we went to Starbucks have a drink because she said she treat me.WOW, she was so kind SUDDENLY. XDDDDDD

i ordered 1 hot caramel macchiatto because i was so cold and she ordered 1 ice green tea latte. we sit there chit-chat while waiting her darling came and fetch us back.

about 7pm, her darling came and fetch us back. i reached home almost 8pm due to traffic jam.=]


Joey said...

My darling mai chai me d lar.. sob sob sob T~T

Joey said...

yoo.. my darling dont want me d la... sob sob sob T~T