Saturday, February 21, 2009


yesterday night went to BED with ms.Ho them to celebrate her birthday?not really lar, they just went there have a drink.==

about 5pm something, seang ling called me and asked me get ready before 8pm. that time i just finish bath, still had a lot of things not yet do.=X

when i finished my things, i sit in front my laptop played mahjong while waiting her call. suddenly my phone rang, i thought she arrived, but that is ah teh phone number. she told me that she can't contact seang ling asked me to help her call she because she was driving car. i called seang ling many time, the phone also can't call in. finally, ah teh came and fetch me. i waited her about 45minutes due to she don't know how to come my house.

after that, we went to batu mau fetch people. both of us also don't know how to go there so we callled our friend and asked her to teach us. at the end, we go ourselves because we don't understand what she said.LOL! we went to batang, then use wrong road, back to USM.== we then went to batu mau again from finally, we arrived the destination. ah gan came and bring us to her house because we don't know how to go and don't wanna lost again.LOL!
about 10pm we finally reached BED. we used about 2hours to reached.@@"

a lot of people there. mei ling, li jun, ah ting, seang ling, xue ni and her friend. some people i not really know but at the end we also played until very happy, like close friend. Zzzzzz
met siew yin's friend too.

i ordered 1 sunset beauty and shared with ah teh. the taste not bad.we sit there chi chat a while then we start gambling. 1hour ago, seang ling fetched xue ni and her friend back, ah gan and ah ting went to RED find their friends. left me, ah teh, mei ling and another 2girls at BED. we were doing nothing there. at the end, i decide to play card, who lose must drink beer.xD

2hours later, they all only came back. paid the bill, then we all off to gurney hotel's kapitan restaurant. me and ah teh ordered roti bom and apple juice. we sit there played jokes and chit chat. about 2something, seang ling, mei ling, ah teh and me go back while ah gan them went to pub.

seang ling fetched me home. first time sit her car, not bad uh.xD reached home 2.30am

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