Friday, February 20, 2009


lately jobless, waiting new job's call so everyday sit at home doing nothing. waiting people ask me out.LOL! was ms.Ho birthday, i asked her out but at the end cancel it.=( pospond to tonight only go to BED.

joe ee came my home because she thought we will going to gurney.i dint tell her that it already cancel.xD at the end, she asked cher song to fetch us to coffee island. cher song finally reached my home about 5.30pm then straight to coffee island. we sit there waiting my dear because they had things to discuss. but at the end discuss nothing.==

i ordered 1 sandwich with cheese and ham again xD and 1 hazelnut chocolate island while joe ee ordered 1 spaghetti and mineral water again.about 5minutes later, dear had came. they sit there saying nothing while i was playing my laptop game.xD

finally, cher song they came again. played online game a while by using coffee island's computer then fetch joe ee back home. me and dear went to golden bay have our dinner.

i reached home around 10pm something.

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