Thursday, November 13, 2008

Before SPM

hmm i know it's quite abit late to talk about before SPM things but really meaningfull to me =D


31st of october is our graduation ceremony, all form 5 students were so high keep take photo with friends and teachers. about 9o'clock we all go up to the hall to wait for the don't know what dua liap lang....during that, our teacher had show us a video which is about our school life our photo and put the stupid sadness song and make so many students cried.

after the graduation ceremoney, is our buffet lunch time =D
all people just wait for this moment since the ceremony quite abit boring xD
our class is the first wan who can go to take the food first mwahaha xD this must say thank you to jun min dy =)

er....the buffet lunch not really nice but we all enjoy the time because we can't always gather like this after that.....
here are some photo of the graduation day =]

yam sheng again

yam sheng when the buffet lunch

graduation ceremony

hui ying & me

lisa & me

cindy & me

me cindy & wen ee


6th of november

today is the last day we all go to school before SPM because we need to take our slip peperiksaan and need to arrange our sit in the hall

today really is the boring and meaningless day because go there whole morning, 12.30pm only need to go to the hall. so we all keep photo xD

are they meeting?xD

meeting FINISH!

curi - curi ambil punya =X

wen yi, jie ying, ying ling & me

our school old builing which going to demolition

wen yi & me

vain xD

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