Friday, November 14, 2008

Girl's Diary

today i go shu xuan study again.luckily lay ling sms me tell me that she had arrived there haha i thought i need to study there alone.thanks lay ling xD
today i revision for add maths.start from function == LOL! hmm....but we chatting there more than we study xD
we talk about me and david's love story xD and also pei shan's love story haha....seems like today is LOVE STORY DAY more than STUDY
today make a lot of fun there.....BUT MY ADD MATHS GONE~~
anyway, who can teach me add maths?add maths paper is on tuesday OMG just left 2days monday some more have to sit for science paper :S
and i realise that my maths objective make a lot of careless mistake....can i get A for maths?i think quite abit hard =(
so how?seems like every paper also don't know what i write, seems like my result will be very bad...sobx

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