Sunday, November 16, 2008

Today is Monday

today go shu xuan study again
whole day study science only because i keep day dreaming and watching
today sit beside a pretty and handsome couple =D
me and pei shan discuss about what is the handsome + rich guy car and we keep talk about him and his gf xD because the guy is polite hardworking gentleman quite good looking and a bit rich [what a wonderful guy] and she say she love this kind of guy =X
he really gentleman because when his gf asked him to help her copy homework he won't say 'NO' and he always help her gf take water WOW i also want such a good guy too xD [shhh....later some body jealous]LMAO!

today shu xuan close at 7.20pm because they have a talk at night so we all got to go back earlier pei shan asked to let them go back first erhm....she want to see what car he drive :S
and we saw he drive AVANZA....okay not bad =) seems like he really wonderful BUT HE IS FORGETFUL PERSON yesterday he forgot to take back his file today he forgot to TAKE BACK HIS WALLET......OMG

okay....because today keep dreaming and gossip so i haven't finish mt to comtinue my science bye bye :-)

p/s: he already got gf, so pei shan don't think too much xD

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