Tuesday, November 18, 2008

7 Down

today was add maths and moral paper...add maths was very suck because i blank alot =X
and before paper 1 i had take medicine so i was fall asleep with the pen when i was writting.....LOL!but at the end i wake up and continue write xD
moral paper i kiam kiam not enough time to write so at the end just qin qin cai cai BOOM all the things nia.....hmm scare~~~
finally i can rest for 1 night because art stream student need to wait until 26th of dec only have chinese paper and that day is the last day for science stream student BUT NOT US!
damn pity....still need to wait until 3rd of dec =(
btw, 7down and just left 3more paper which is about 15DAYS TO GO ONLY!
the most inportant is NO MORE ADD MATHS IN MY LIFE!hurray~~~!
so i'm free for tonight, playing and chatting =D

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