Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mcd Today

shu xuan is close on thursday so today i go mcd study with lay ling,siang ling and 1of her friend...i reach paya terubong around 12.30pm,because i don't know how to cross the road so i asked siang ling come and take me xD she ride motor come and fetch me to mcd...because lay ling not arrive yet so i just put my file at hui fern there then i followed siang ling go to her house and take her school's graduate magazine and visit her mum because i quite a long time dint go her house dy =)

p/s: i sit her motor without helmet because she dint bring for me==

we reach mcd about 1pm.i go and find lay ling and she go to fetch her friend...finally,she and her friend reach dy...her friend quite pretty xD
after we had revision for some hours,lay ling feel bored and ask us wanna play chor dai di or not because siang ling had bring == i wonder she came to mcd study or play
i'm a hardworking girl so i was doing account when played with them xD
about 6pm, my mum called me and then we all go back dy

hmm....long time dint meet siang ling she became dark and thin,my mum feel that also hehe

we had plan that 4th of dec wanna go siang ling's house bbq and gambling xD we still said wanna overnight at there,but i still need ask my parent's permission,hope that they allow me to overnight because that time spm just pass and i already so hardworking and fight for my spm xP
who are interesting can join us but it just open for GIRLS only =P

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