Sunday, November 30, 2008



i woke up at 1something, after bathing and having my lunch, i take bus to paya terubong's Mcd. at there meet siang ling,hui yan, mei ling and another girl. we go there play cards, actually i plan to study there but no mood to study so at the end i played with them xD i saw lisa, denise, huei wen, yvonne, joe ee and their friends there. joe ee join us played card and i help lisa,joe ee, denise and huei wen for fortune-telling. they said very zhun i so proud xD

about 8pm i think, dear had came and he sit beside our table because he wanted to study. WOW he was so hardworking study for his exam while i was playing card xD
around 11 something, we all go back.

FRIDAY, 28 NOV 2008

i went shu xuan by bus. about 2pm i think i had reach night i went mcd with dear. meet siang ling and hui yan again. after that siang ling called ah do came and find us. we played card when waiting ah do come. we keep change places because the mcd's indian aunty keep complain about us...lolz. at the end we sit outside. again, i played card with them while dear continue his study =X don't know why my study mood had gone. no mood study again =/

we go back at 11.30pm i think.


was last 2 days before we exam. me and dear were no mood to study dy so we plan to go gurney.before we leave, i help pei shan and ming li for fortune-telling. both of them also said ZHUN! haha i'm pro uh xD

we reach gurney around 6something and we straight went to GIORDANO to choose our clothes because sunday they had stock clearance buy 1 free 1, so we go and choose first. don't ask me why i have such advance x)
we used almost more than 1hour there, just because i need to wait for my yim chim dear to choose for his clothes ==
finally, he choose 1 jacket and 1 shirt and i choose 2shirt. we asked kelly to keep for us so that tomorrow we can come and pay the bill =)

we leave gurney around 7something then went to 1288 had our dinner. we order bak kut teh. was so expensive and the taste was wonder don't have many people order. i was so full but dear still not enough although he had eat 2bowl of rice, what a pig =X
after that, we went to mcd find siang ling them.

i very guai because i just played with them for a while then i do my account dy xD
we leave mcd about 12.15am i think. =D

SUNDAY, 30 NOV 2008

was last day before we exam.we went to shu xuan again and i was busy doing account.siang ling them reach there around 3something and back at 5something ==
today was dear's papa's birthday so at night we went to have dinner together.we went to red garden wait his family came.they reach there about 8.30pm because they need to wait until his brother finish karate class.

after we had finish our dinner, we then off to gurney to take our clothes. my shirt was RM47 for 2piesces but too bad, the jacket not include in the promotion so dear got to choose another shirt. he quite beh syiok because yesterday the girl din't told us that it is not included so he don't want to buy dy.==
after that we straight go back because it was quite late dy and tomorrow we had exam.traffic jam, because alot of people going home.
finally, i reach home at 11pm.

tomorrow is account paper and i still sit here blogging, listen to the music and chatting ==
so tomorrow just see how worst i will be =/

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