Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Anniversery

yesterday was our anniversery, so we dint went to shu xuan study but we go dating xD about 11something, dear had came to my house wait me....after i had finish prepare, he was studying because his exam is coming soon so i don't want disturb him and sit there wait him finish study....
at the end, i wait until fall asleep.== when i wake up, i saw him online-ing...what the
okay, finally we can go out....lolz

because it still too early so we went to queensbay first before go to gurney watch movie.we just walk around there because we don't have things to the end we go bread history bread a mocha cheese bread then went to starbucks buy my favourite coffee - caramel macchiatto and he continue study again....[what a hardworking guy uh]xD
i played my phone's game when he was study.about 4something we left queensbay and off to gurney.

we arrived there around 4.45pm and we straight went to buy movie ticket first. there was alot of movie that we haven't watch, finally we choosed to watch quarantine which is a new movie at 7.45pm
after that, we walk around and went to new gurney's bulding.hmm....seems like not very big and quite a lot os shop haven't open yet. then we back to the old building.
i want to buy new shoes so we shop all the shoes' shop and survey, most of them had year end sale and their stocks were very nice =)
finally, i buy a pair of heel [not very high] at PDI and apply their member card bacause it has a lot of benefit.....LOL!

after that, we went to find our dinner. at the end, we choosed to eat bak kut teh at Bak Kut Teh Ong...their food not bad and it is cheaper than teh tarik xD
around 7something, we went to watch our movie -- Quarantine...
if anyone haven't watch this movie, i advice you that BETTER DON'T WATCH...
it is a boring movie and meaningless. everyone were complained that what sux movie it is.
after that, we just went home.

i'm so happy, already half year since we together. i wanna tell you that,


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