Monday, December 15, 2008

Charity Show

today no show at gurney plaza because we all went to Adventist Hospital for charity show.we arrive gurney hotel at 11am to wait for the gurney's van fetch us to the hospital.about 11.30am,the van had came and we straight went to Adventist Hospital.

we reached there about 12pm because traffic jam on the way to hospital.some of the gurney's staff already arrived there and waited for us.the staff of the hospital, Michelle bring us to VIP room so that the power rangers can change their clothes.after that, we all, included the gurney's staff sit in the VIP room to wait for the media come.

about 12.30pm, we start our 'trip'.we bring the power rangers to the children's room to give them present and take photo.girls we will give them a teddy bear while boys we will give them a pack of clothes or PUMA bottle.@@ all the children are so cute.some were very happy when they saw power rangers, some were scared when they saw them.there are Japanese patient too.all of them are really cute,especially 1 little boy named Daniel, i like him very very much. xD

about 1pm, we had finished the 'trip'.before power rangers change back their clothes,all of them and the children went to play room to take a picture.the president and the manager take photo with power rangers too.after power rangers had changed their clothes, we all went to canteen to have our lunch.after that, the president show us and explain to us about the facility of the hospital.we went back at about 2something and we reached gurney hotel at 3pm.before we left, the president gave us one 2GB pendrive each people and a pack of healthy bread =)

me and dear waited Raymond to change his clothes then we bring him to Prangin to buy bus ticket.after he had buy the ticket, we just walked around at the Prangin then we off to Lorong Selamat to eat char koay teow then we bring him to Bee Heang buy some biscuit so that he can take back for his family.

we drop him at gurney hotel about 5pm then we straight go was too late dy so we didn't go home but we off to Queensbay walked around and meet Edward at his working shop and gossip a while xD after that, we went to Super Tanker had our dinner.

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晕,全是英文……好晕my god~