Sunday, December 14, 2008

Working Days

today is the second day i work at gurney as the power rangers shows co-ordinator.hmm...the name sound good but actually just a keh leh fair only lar.but this job really very eng, we just need to help them change clothes,open and close curtain, bring all the little boys and girls to stage take a picture, a day RM50, easy uh?xD

there are 5 power rangers and they are come from KL with a stage manager who came from Singapore.they really funny, we always make jokes while working xD

this show start on Friday, 12th of Dec until next Sunday, 21st of Dec which is about 10 days 20++ show, the show time as below:

12,16,17,18,19 of Dec 2pm & 4pm
13,14,20,21 of Dec 2pm, 4pm & 6pm
feel free come to gurney plaza and watch the show it's really NICE and it's FREE =D

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