Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Days After SPM

4th of Dec, Thursday

went to school to return all the textbook and take our cert. reach school around 9.30am, some class already took their cert then went back dy.our class not yet finish return textbook so can't take the cert.we all sit in the canteen to wait.while waiting, we play fortune-telling xD

about 10something, we settle all the things. i wait maria come and fetch me with lay ling and her friend.after they had came, we went to ECONSAVE to buy our BBQ food. after we had pay the bill, we off to a plastic shop at paya terubong buy things. we reach ar maria house around 12o'clock.then ah teh drive back to her house.

me,maria and milo back to maria house to prepare all the food. milo and maria were cut the fish and i was prepare for the others food.after i finished, i went to take a nap xD her room syiok betul x) about 3pm, i woke up then we wait milo bath. after we had take our lunch, others people were reach.

5something, we start prepare to BBQ. 7something, doreen had came and we start BBQ.when we are eating happily, suddenly raining heavily. we all quickly take all the things up to maria house.

when maria them were cleaning the things, all girls were sit in the house gambling and make jokes LOL!around 11something, we sit outside the house and drinking.i went home about's was fun x)

p/s: thanks doreen for your belated birhtday present, it's so nice i like it very much. thanks maria,milo and ah teh for the BBQ. i was very happy and enjoy =D

5th of Dec, Friday

woke up in the morning, followed dear to library because afternoon he fetch me to work at gurney hotel.we reached there about 3.3opm.long time dint work dy, i was so nervous xD went to office to put my bag then straight to ball room start working.saw all the colleague haha luckily they still remember me =) about 4something ah yu called wen yi and told her that ah keat wont came to work.wth, he lied us, hmph!

about 10.30pm, dinner was finally finished and we start clean all the tables.about 12am we start prepared to went and lisa long time dint work dy so we were so tired and deng jin,kim hoe and wen xiang were first time work and they were super duper tired too... dear had reached, it's very late so we straight went home.was so tired and fall asleep when i lay on bed after bathing xD

6th of Dec, Saturday

din't work today because i need a rest xD woke up around 11something planning after bathing wanna go out meet say je. when i haf finished bath, sister sms me and asked me wanna go paradise hotel i go with her and meet say je at gurney xD me,my sister and her bf went to jelutong have our lunch before check in. we reached hotel about 2.30pm then straight change swim suit and went down to beach.after beach we then went to swimming pool, me and sister play water == while ah seng swimming x)

we went up to our room about 4.30pm.after i had finished bathing, say je had came and fetch me because lazy sister don't want fetch ceh....we straight went to nando's and have our dinner because he is super hungry x) after that we just walk around and wait until 8.30pm we watched madagascar 2. it was damn funy man!" i like to move it movie it......." LMAO!i wish to watch AGAIN!xD

after the movie, then i meet my dear~!he not yet eat so we off to paya terubong's mcd and has his dinner.after that we just wet home.

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