Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Last Day

Sunday was the last day of the power rangers mystic force show, all of us were so happy.that day was Sunday so a lot of people at gurney and the show there was full of children.the show was very funny because MC and power rangers make fun at the stage, all the people laugh happily.=D

the show finished at 6something, after that their penang's friend and we go to sunway hotel there have out dinner.he was kind and generous, all the food and drinks he don't let us paid but he paid.after that we went to eat 湯圓 and he paid too. after that we went to explanet eat fruit.there was traffic jam start from komtar until jetty because had parate.when we reached explanet, a lot of people there.many show and we stand there watch for around 1hour i think, after that we just went to the hawker eat fruit and rojak.he paid again all the bill.== i think that night he used around RM150 O.o

when we planning to go back, the road had close because of the parate and their friend's car cannot move so we just sit beside the road to wait for the parate finish.while we were waiting, we watch the show xD it's was really nice and them very geng.

about 11something, we only went back to hotel.that night me,dear and wen yi overnight at hotel with them. after take bath, we help each other to
after that, me,dear,wen yi, sai gao and gou lou went to their room to talk ghost story. gou lou had closed all the light == the story not really scary but they suddenly scream and scare us.
wait Raymond and sook ping finish their things and came up find us then we went to yee min room continue our story.this time, they dint talk story but act ghost to scare us.gou lou act ghost and he really look alike ghost.LMAO
we girls feel sleepy and fall asleep when they act ghost scare us...LOL! boys went back to their room and we girls sleep together at about 4something.

the next day, we all woke up at 8something.Raymond woke up late because he need to reach prangin at 9am so he dint eat breakfast with us.we all sent him to MC David's car then we only went to eat buffet breakfast at hotel cafe.after breakfast, we went back to the room and i sleep again xD
about 12something, me,dear and wen yi sent them downstairs to wait for the van to fetch them back to KL.

i sooooooooo miss power rangers,stage manager-Raymond,MC-David and also all the gurney staff.they are sooo funny and friendly.miss them so much much much and also the day we work together.friends, must keep in touch and remember our happy memory ya =]

and now, i'm jobless.=(
anyone can intro me some easy and high salary job?xD

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