Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pesta NIght

yesterday, i was stay at home whole afternoon, streamyx cannot use (damn it!) so whole day watching my dvd because dear go to work.=( so good, still have job to work, i'm jobless

mum OT, so i need to prepare dinner for me and my dad.luckily my dad buy sam pui back and i only need to cook rice xD
after i had my dinner,then i went to pesta with dear.we reached there around 9something,then we walk around to survey got what nice game to play.we saw the TOPGUN was so stimulative and i wanna challenge xD so we went to change ticket.

i was so nervous when i sit inside, a moment later, the game start!starting, it was slowly swung,then faster and faster,higher and higher.when it swung until very high, i was so scare and keep screaming.then it start 360 degree really very suffer and very scare, because when it swung until 12clock, my body was like flying in the sky, my ass dint touch the seat and my leg were hanging in the sky dint touch the floor too.O.o i was sooooo scare~ when it swung a few time, it stop at 12clock, we all were 倒反 in the sky we just can look really high, i scare until not dare to open my eye.=X

around 5min, it only finish rotate.== luckily, i dint feel faint, my heart bit rate very fast and feel a bit suffer but it really amazing xD after that, we went to play X Coaster, it not stimulate and only 1round cost me RM6, really expensive uh.after that, we went to sunshine Old Town have our supper because it start raining.we went around 11something,then i continue my movie until the next day 6am. =X

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