Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I'm FREE~~~~


today is the last day for spm and also my secondary school life!no more exam, no more uniform, no more rules!i'm so happy and so high xD

before went to school, my mum fetch me drive to paya terubong mcd drive through buy my sausage mcmuffin with egg =D so delicios and so full =目
reach school around 7.30am and discuss with lisa about this friday go gurney work as waitress
about 7.45am we all go up to hall, all of us were so high, all people like already finish exam, nobody has the mood to sit for exam =X
today was commerce paper, paper 2 first and it takes 2hours. most of us can't finish in time INCLUDE ME!although i not really know but i still have alot things to write but times up =( i can't write anymore D=

after we go down to the canteen, we all line up to take our graduate magazine. this is the moment i wait for so long xD hmm....the magazine's cover not bad BUT the photo were SUCKS! all black and white== but overall still okay lar =) after we took the magazine all sit group by group and start gossip xD nobody do revision LOL!

12.25pm! we all were so happy! all keep scream "I HAD FINISH SPM!" =D
we all go back happily, some straight take bus to prangin hang out O.o i wait my dear coma and fetch me home x)

after we had reach home, we start reading the magazine.after that i cooked maggie mee with fried egg for our lunch!hehe he said my cooking skill not bad and it taste quite nice! xD and now i'm sitting here blogging while he is doing revision because HE NOT YET FINISH EXAM!wakaka
tonight, i will go to mcd, gossip and gambling with maria them xD and go pasar malam with wen yi them =)

tomorrow still need to go school return all the text-book and take our cert.after that i will follow maria them go buy things because tomorrow night we have BBQ!


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