Sunday, March 01, 2009

Love Matters

woke up around 10.30am because need to help mami do housework and she will pay me the salary.xD

firstly, i helped her hang the clothes, after that wipe the windows while she wipe all the cupboard. after that, i wipe the fan because she said i'm younger she is elderly so i must helped her to climb up the stair to wipe the fan and she wash the cloth for me.== then, i discredited and mop the floor while she is sit on the sofa manicure.== then mami asked me to help her change sheets.@@"

finally, i had finished my work. i sit on the sofa watching my dvd with him while mami washed bath room because i dont know how to wash.xD finished dress up, when we wanted to go out, mami asked us to bring her go jalan tengah buy chicken and have lunch.LOL!

drop her at home, then we straight off to shu xuan because he wanted to study and i bring my laptop went there do my hong hwa there.chit-chat and she played games with my laptop.around 7.30pm, me and him went to queensbay.

8pm, we reahced queensbay then straight went to buy ticket. Love Matters, 9.25pm, almost FULL. we got to sit the first row.== after that,we went to converse see my shoes because my friend told me that today on sale.unfortunately, all i like don't have my size.=( we saw TheFaceShop on sale so we go in and see. i buy a bottle of nail colour, it cost RM3.90 each only. we went to chopper board have our dinner. i ordered 1set of chicken spaghetti and 1 chopper soup, he ordered 1set of satay fish rice and 1satay source rice.== walked around and seek for my purse before we went to watch movie.

the movie damn funny, but don't know why it dint have the part of the ah seng use colour to make sentences.but also not bad.hehe
reached home before 12am.and now got to go to sleep. goodnight everybody.=)

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