Monday, March 30, 2009

Confession of shopaholic

we went to gurney with hong hwa and chia ling.although goverment encourage people switch off the light for 1hour, but at gurney not every shop had do it.maybe switch off dy will too dark,but still have some shop switch off some light.we went to Feng Wei Ching had our dinner.the food taste not bad and the price quite reasonable.

we watched Confession of Shopaholic at 9.10pm.this movie very funny, we keep laughing.Rebecca used credit card to buy all the branded clothes,bags and the end she can't pay the bill.she worked as editor at financial's magazine.she know Luke,and fell in love with him.but at the end Luke knew that Rebecca lie him and she is a shopaholic,some more owned a big amount of credit card's bill.end of the story,Rebecca had changed.she sold all her branded stuff and take the money pay for the bill.finally,her best friend,Suze and Luke had forgive her.

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