Friday, March 13, 2009


reached school at 9something, not really many people there because still early.very nervous and scare until can't eat mood to eat also.finally, RESULT OUT!all people run to the table to take for the transcript, included scare and nervous, my heart beat very fast,almost wanna cry.see all my friends had get their transcript, they are so happy.lisa not dare to open and see her
finally, it's my told me that my result was at principal.OMG!i can't trust my ear, i asked them double check to confirm that izit really at principal there.oh my god!it's truth!it's truth! result really at there.i was super duper happy, keep run here and there.== hong hwa asked my result, i told her that my result was at principal there,she was happy too and said congratulation to me.i like crying, i can't believe it until pn.leong announce my name.i was so shock and stood there,shocking!a few second,i quickly run to principal and take my result.1,2,3,4,5,6,7... OMG!i get....i get 7A's!arrgh~~~ i get it!i was so so so happy, i really unexpected.i thought i just can get maximum 3A's.thanks god!

this movie very nice.quite funny,and the dog really naughty and can't control but at the end it became well-behaved and cute.xD but the ending very touching,Marley die at the end.=( dog wont care you are clever or stupid, rich or poor,as long as you are respect him then he will respect you too.dogs are human best friend.that's why i like dog very much.=D they really cute and clever.dogs wont betray their master but will protect their master,love their master and respect their master.they are always my best friend.=目

after the movie, we went to golden bay have our supper then went back home.

i know i am vain.but just buy the new phone must take some picture eh.xD

he was concentrate on driving.=)

bought a new bag for my K770i


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