Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Sweet 18th

went to SEGI COLLEGE register.after that he drive to bayan lepas because we want to try the RM12 buffet lunch.there were so many people,at the end we went to queensbay Wong Kok have our lunch.
after that we off to gurney watch movie,hotel for dogs at 4.10pm.

this movie really very nice.the girl also very pretty.xD all the dogs were so cute!epecially the main dog,Friday.he not only cute but also very clever.the Romeo, chiwawa and the poodle, Julia were couple,they keep kissing when they met.LOL! this movie really very funny,the little guy was so clever,he can design all the things so that the dogs can live systematically.for the ending,was so touch but it was also a happy ending.

after movie,we went to No Eye Deer which opposite Island Plaza to have our dinner.heard that his friend said not bad,so we went there have a try.the food taste really not bad,and it wont very expensive also. everybody can go there have a try.=)

the main course,spaghetti marinara.

we then off to sea wind's beach because we have no place to go.xD had a family BBQ at there,we sit at there chit chat and take some picture.

these are my present.xD

these from ivy ng,my sister.=D

went to SEGI open day because joe ee and wei hang want to ask about the course.actually is i asked them go wan.xD we went to visit the classroom. were so cold,i think i need to prepare jacket when i go to study.hehe after that i went to shu xuan find him.wait he finished his homework, we went to a kopi tiam which near heng ee there have our lunch.was so full because we thought at night dint go redbox went back home to wait for my family. after that,sis ivy fetch us to find may then we straight to gurney.sis ivy tod me that she need to go G Hotel do something first so asked we followed may to gurney find her friends while waiting her.around 8pm, may receive a call,she said that need to go redbox find her friend to give her something so we just followed her.reached there,when may open door,my sisters were singing birthday song to me.WOW!they had a surprise for me.=D we enjoyed the night at redbox,and my haegendaz ice-cream cake.xD thanks my family.=目

my present from may.=)


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