Sunday, March 08, 2009


woke up at 11am something, after take bath and had my breakfast then we went to shu xuan. he study while i typing his notes because i have nothing to do.LOL!

around 4something, finally hong hwa came.she wanna played game so she "kick" me aside.=( we leave there about 5something because both of us very hungry and wanna went to prangin seek for my phone. he went to ask for the phone price. first stall was too expensive so we off to others stall and see.we stop at there because the phone quite cheap.finally i trade in my stupid 5300 and change a new K770i. the colour and the function not bad, some more can 3G with him.xD

then we straight off to gurney. at the end, we changed our destination to Queensbay because gurney there traffic jam.hmm can't find wen yi.=( queensbay have alot customers park was full.finally, we parked our car at 7th floor. straight went to buy our movie ticket.street fighter, 9.25pm. we went to pizza hut had our dinner. meet lisa and huei wen at digi roadshow. they are working.

street fighter - the legend of chun li. chun li was so pretty, i like her.xD this movie not bad, everybody can go and watch it.maybe you will like the chun li too.=)
it's 1.34am now, got to go to bed, goodnight everybody.=D

this is my new phone. a bit blur uh.

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