Sunday, March 22, 2009

What type of Woman Does He Like?

is it the truth?

He's the typical guy that you normally would see in today's society, nothing too spectacular. In fact, you really have to concentrate in picking him out among the crowd. He's also easy going, has a sophisticated taste. He isn't boring or anything like that. Just that he would tend to be a little humble, has his own independent views, but keeps it to himself. If the situation requires, he can step forward and really make an impression on others.

The woman of his dream must not be the helpless lady type or too conservative, but must be a fighter with high perseverance. Women who are the fragile type or too ladylike are definitely not to his taste. She must be committed to overcome any obstacle in building up a family with him. Those from a rich family is definitely out. He prefers women whose fortune are self-made. This type of guy isn't selfish at all, but a real social contributor one can say. Don't worry, his requirements aren't really that high, you may pass the test you know.

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