Friday, June 12, 2009

TzeMing's Birthday.

last wednesday was TzeMing's 19 years old birthday. we all plan to give him a surprise so we lie him that we dint prepare to celebrate with him, just let his girlfriend do. we just invited him to watch movie.=)

in the afternoon, after jiaying them finished their activity, they all skip the afternoon class and went to redbox. left me.=( after that, jiaying went to order cheese cake at secret receipe. at 6pm, when i finished work, ahchuan fetch me,max and manfred back to their hostel and wait TzeMing came. reached gurney around 8.30pm. we went to BBQ chicken have our dinner.DengJin told us that BBQ actually is stand for Best of the Best Quality not barbeque, ahchuan named it as Beng Beng Qiu zui eh chicken.== when we almost finish the meal, me,jiaying and deng jin went to secret receipe and take the cake. we asked TzeMing's girlfriend to bring him went to car park take camera while we all prepare at the restaurant. when they step in the restaurant, we all sang birthday song to him.=) he was really surprise, haha, feel happy because my ideas work! x)

after that, WenJiat,JiaYing,TzeMing and YaWen went to coffee island while ahchuan fetched us to PPC and DengJin went back home. they busy with their things and me sleep in the car.xD

the couple.

sweet lover.=)
group photo.
TzeMing's girlfriend.

eating the cake. x)

the birthday boy.

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Yen said...

wish the EVIL LAUGHTER happy birthday!! hahax..xD