Monday, June 22, 2009


today is a bad day, for me, for deng jin and also for lixian. woke up at 12pm as usual but a bit tired due to yesterday do assignment until 5am. went to college and find dinesh take information from him and continue my assignment. shit man do shit things, his part not complete at all, some more got class in vista, so me and deng jin decided to go other place and do. lixian borrow her car to deng jin and he fetched me to komtar binding.after that we went to new world park's net city but my pendrive cannot open so we went back my home and do.

we went back to college around 4.20pm, when we at opposite union high school's traffic light there, a kelisa suddenly emergency break, the car behind it quickly break and try to turn her stering to right while deng cannot break at time and try to turn stering to left but left lane got car then "bang", we hit the car in front of us.

we came down and settle, deng jin called his friends while i called lixian them. Joe Ee called me then i told her. she and ah bao came to find me and drive me back to college to fetch lixian them see their car. around 6.45pm, we only settle all the things and went back home.

the car in front of us.
lixian's car.


Aisling said...

so many ppl accident de recently..
i just involved in an accident last Thursday

lixian said...

i love this. SHIT MAN DO SHIT THINGS. hahaha.

Joyce said...

to lixian: thank you.xD
to aisling: really?where and what happen?