Friday, June 26, 2009

We Study

today class cancel, so we decided to go shu xuan study for Financial Accounting's mid-term exam which fall on Monday. woke up at 11something, after prepared then went to fetch LiXian and went college fetch Deon.we reached there around 2pm. study until 4pm something, we started feel bored so we all off to Greenlane McD. x)

order 2large fries, 4cup coke and 4sundae cone.LOL! chit-chat and make fun there. hope to hang out again.=) saw ahChuan,Max,Vincent and others biz comm members there too. went back home around 6.30pm.

ahHan's notes.
Deon & LiXian hardworking.x)
my drinks.
my financial accounting.nice handwritting. xD
ahHan he is.
LiXian concentrate-ing.
we had off to McD :


Vain. x)

kek dong. lol

Han's job.

Deon broke the "HOLE"! LMAO.


Deon said...

woi...Joyce ar~detele that 'hole' pic la tolong~ i didn't broke that hole T.T

Deon said...

woi...Joyce...detele that 'hole' pic k? n i didn't broke that hole...

Joyce said...

haha, never mind eh lar.xD you not broke other hole also what. just the cup's hole. xP