Monday, June 15, 2009

17 again

last saturday we went to watch movie, 17 again after we finished work. at night, <<逆風18>>'s Jim and Ze came to gurney. hmm...Jim came from thailand, he really handsome. x) look like ang mo kai.xD

Jim, the guy whith spec.

he take out his spec, more
i love his shirt.xD
around 10.30pm we went to Nando's had our dinner.after that, due to movie havent start yet so we went to gurney drive. saw the little children playing bubble there, they look cute.=D hmm....make me wanna play.hehe
this movie really very nice, very funny and Mike, really very very handsome. love him. <3

see, so handsome lar dui~


Yen said...

aiyo~~forget to go that day~~
i want to go c that ni feng 18 d le..
so isn't many ppl?!

Joyce said...

haha, you dint ask me remind you. :D never mind lar see my pictures also same
hmm....quite many but not too many.haha still not bad lar.=)

hapyprinces said...

new add