Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I Love Travel - Melacca Linggi Camp

last friday we went to melacca linggi camp for 3days 2nights until sunday morning only came back. the camp is held by our college and is open for all 09 intake student. the camp was very fun, all people very enjoy it and have a lot of happy memories there. we knew a lot of friends through the camp.

we reached college at about 5pm.wait all the student reached then we start our journey.went to juru station picked up all those butterworth student then straight to Tapak and have our breakfast. around 1pm we only reached linggi. after finished our lunch, we went up to our dom and rest a while. then, start our first game - rock climbing. it used me a lot of hand energy and make my hand very pain.== we played until 6pm then we all went to take bath and had our bbq dinner.after that we had a indoor game, but all people complain that they all very tired so the game had cancel and changed to free activities. we played cards and DARE until midnight only went to bed.

seng guan chuan is sleeping!during the camp, me and jiaying responsible to wake guys up. he and daniel is the only one who very hard to wake up.we some more used hair dryer to make them up but stull failed.==

manfred sleeping too.

finally he is awake.xD (when we reached tapak and had breakfast)

daniel is asking ah chuan to sing.lol
he is trying to show off his mucle :S

posing again.

muscle man.
our dom.


the guys.
they LOVE POSING.lol

hip-hop man.xD

muscle man.xD

laughing man.

yoyo, check it out.lol

the girls.

we are playing bluff.

ah chuan & cash

raj & ah ming
Second Day.
woke up early in the morning, before breakfast we play capten ball as exercise.after breakfast, we have a small amazing race.our race finish at 12something. then lunch break and some people do take bath. around 2pm something, we played a game which is balancing one.the game is for those who want to challenge, if not dare you can skip it.so me and jiaying skip it.xD we both already no energy.after the game, we went to take bath and then have our dinner before we went to jonker street. we dint eat much because we want to eat at jonker street which daniel told us that there have a lot of delicious food.=D we took around 2hours only reach.== and we back from jonker street at 10pm something. reached camp then bath again.lol after that, all gather and talk ghost story until 3am.=X
we celebrate birthday for those may & june's birthday one.

Linggi Hunter, the champion group.

Champion, our group.

story: we all starting grapping the ice, but when me and ah chuan saw the camera, we quickly look at the camera and dont want care about daniel.LOL!

story: the girl(jiaying) and the guy(daniel) who holding the cup for the girl is a couple, then their friend kesi kesi came in take picture with them.the black shirt guy is stranger and take his picture accidentally.lol (kidding)

we all sitting beside the road.

we take picture with police and told him that last time our ambition is become a police but we not dare so at the end we dint choose this field.== (daniel's idea)

muscle man in the front door of jonker street.

we are acting to buy.xD

posing like a drama poster.(daniel's idea also)==

posing again.lol

wen jiat and ah chuan dont know they pee.haha

Last Day
we gathered at the caffe teria around 8something, after breakfast, we have group photo then straight off to KL, the curve.reached there around 11something, and we went back at 3pm. then straight went back to penang.reached home around 9pm.

we have our lunch at tony romas, the curve.total bill is RM260+

we are trying to kill him, but he seems like want to eat our fork.==

group photo.

the waiter.
he is giving our ballons to the children.so kind.LOL!


act cute. 1

act cute. 2

look like donald duck.

tony romas' menu.


when we waited for other people and is going back to penang.

last photo.

p/s: i really enjoy the trip, it's fun! but very tired :S

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