Tuesday, June 02, 2009


last thrusday before we all went to melacca, we went to Queenbay watched Terminator Salvation. JiaYing them no class, our class also cancel dy because morning we went to botanical garden. dont talk about the trip because it's really sux.

we all reached there around 2.30pm, after we had bought the ticket, TzeMing, Max Manfred and me went to have our brunch. we dont know what to eat at the end we choosed to eat at food court. 3pm, we went in to cinema and watched our movie.

the movie not bad, i rank it 4star.

after the movie, we then went to the seaside there capture photo.lol because of too hot, so everybody go back to the mall, walk around then back home.=)

LimDengJin! finally capture his face.lol * kek dong face*

he always have this action one, because he is the sleeping king.xD

our brother symbol. =D
i'm crying because they all keep perli me.==
the group. photographer: DengJin

he LOVE to act cute.xD
the GIRLS.


both of them LOVE to act cool.

posing. he LOVE posing too.

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