Thursday, July 08, 2010

4 in a row

Last saturday me, john, and ah wei went to Northam beach watch the football match which is Argentina vs Germany and also last dinner with lisa before she go back to after the match finish, 3 of us plus simon went to Stick for a drink cause ah wei win a lot so he treat us. XD

they ordered 2buckets of tiger while i just drink orange juice. *don't feel like drinking* XD they played siam ban lak, who lose have to drink whole cup of tiger. end up 3 of them vomit at my house there. Laugh my ass OFF! XD

Yesterday me, john, simon and doreen went to gurney for lunch and also movie. at first only me and john, while we having our lunch, simon called and said he want to join us. so end up 4 of us watch triple tap. the movie not bad and my daniel wu still very handsome and man although he already married. XD after movie, we went to buy present for Chung How as today is his birthday! : D then we head to water's house, ah wei fetch us to Northam beach for dinner and then beach.

we spent not much time over there due to raining. we all went to Subaidah have a drink and the 3 guys have their so call supper which is roti kosong with lamb our last station was snooker center. there were so damn cold, luckily my scarf with me. XD
end of the day and i reached home around 4something in the morning. woot~!

p/s: they are acting in S & J. LOL!!

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