Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sorry, i not mean that

Finally, i knew it. i don't ever know that a joke can make people feel uncomfortable and all the things suddenly turn into another way. i thought everybody already used to the way of teasing and shooting each other. i think i'm wrong because i think i have hurt him deeply due to that is the way he prove to his be love. i'm SORRY about that, i really do not meant it. actually i'm saying that if i were you, i will give up easily. perhaps my way of talking is too impolite, but i do not meant to laugh at you. yes, maybe i do laugh at that time, but i doesn't mean to hurt you. seriously and honestly, i'm so admire you because of your passion.

maybe you might not read this, but who knows? maybe you will know? it's not that important whether you know or not, because i do really hurt you. but if have the chance, i hope that you can read this and understand that i'm not purposely to do so.

i'm here to apologize to you, with my sincere :

SORRY! SORRY for hurting you! wish that you could just forgive me of my bad attitude which is bad way of talking.

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