Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Educational Trip

Last Thursday our club had organize an educational trip to Malacca & KL. the main purpose of this trip to go to the MiFB exhibition at TWPC, KL. reached college around 6.30am then we move to Sunway Carnival to pick up other students then our journey start. first, we went to Malacca. before that, we stop by a toll station to have our brunch.

after that we move to Malacca. forget the actual time, but first place we reached at Malacca was Mahkota Guest House, the place for us to overnight. we check - in and have a rest.

After that, we walked from our guest house to A' Famosa. we keep take photo while we on our way to A' Famosa.

this is the museum of ship. we walked by and took photo.

was so hot, we walked under the sun. finally, we reached. all people busy talking photo but i'm not in the mood cause i have skin allergy on my hand. : ( so not much photo taken as i din't bring any camera also.

after that, we hang around at Dataran Mahkota then we went to Taming Menara? *i forget the name.* =X to see the view of Malacca. then we walked to the chinese food court and have our dinner. i order nyonya laksa but actually at penang we called it as CURRY MEE.== LOL!
Before we end the first day, we went for river cruise. the view was not bad and we make a lot of fun during the journey.Due to Jonker Stree only open on Friday - Sunday so we have to cancel the last itinerary and went back to guest house.

The second day, we check - out around 10am and went to shopping mall shopping, nothing much to buy over there. i just bought a pair of earing, me, ranny, jeremy and christel bought a piece of FIFA jersey and it's only cost RM20 each. : D we wear it on the spot. around 12something, we move to Putrajaya.

First station we stop was the dont know what Ministry castle? i have forget what the hell is the name of the place. whatever, we took some photo over there and it's freaking hot.


Group photo before we leave.

after that, we move to our Intekma Resort Check - in. Due to traffic jam, we took quite a long time only reach, couldn't rest at the resort cause we have to go to Flaming Steamboat Buffet to have our dinner. I eat a lot and super duper full, regret- ing now : (

after the dinner, we move to our last station which is I- city, the place full of light. they decorate all the things with light.

we went back to resort around 12something.

The third day we went to SEGi University College at Damansara, and also MiFB at TWPC. wear formal and heels because of the MiFB but actually most of the people are wearing casual. :S before we leave KL, we drop by KLCC, change clothes and hang around over there. after that we went back to penang.
Have a nice holidays and guess what? i dint spent much during this trip. i just spent RM 100 - RM 150, despite the fees. it's totally out of my expectation and i feel glad of myself. XD

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