Sunday, July 11, 2010

I ♥ Saturday!

Few days ago we planned to cook our own lunch on Saturday. Actually it's my idea. XD i found some choice at web and finally we decided to cook chicken spaghetti bolognese, pineapple and lime cooler.

We woke up at 11am something then we went to Tesco bought all the ingredient that we need. after that we head to john's house and start cooking. i peer the gloves of the onion and garlic then finely chopped it while he clean the chicken meat, take out the skin and fat then chopped it into mince. after that i peer the carrot and he slice it. his mother do teach us some technique too cause we are still new. XD

after all the ingredient have been prepared, we start cook and now it's my turn to show power.LOL! i put the oil in the frying pan but his mother said too little so asked me add more. after that i put the garlic into the pan and fried it until the smell come out then only put onion and carrot. wait until the vegetables done, then only put the chicken mince and start stir it to let the chicken mix with the vegetables.

while i'm doing the sauce, john start cook the spaghetti. he put some olive oil and salt ( actually is his mum help him to then wait until the water boil only put the spaghetti and let it cook. back to me, when the chicken already well cooked, i put all the tomato puree and stir it so that it can mix with the chicken. then put some thyme and basil to make the taste better and stir it. then we both wait for the sauce steam and the spaghetti cook.

we then went to dining room to prepare the pineapple and lime cooler. first, we cut 4 of the lime into half and squeeze the lime into a jug. after that, we pour the pineapple juice and soda water and mix it together. last, we cut the other 2 lime into ring size and put it into the jug and served it with a lot of ice cube.

after 15minutes, the sauce is done. Finally, we can taste our home-made chicken spaghetti bolognese. you know what, we can only eat our lunch at 4pm! and it's so tired and hot when cooking inside the kitchen. BUT, we still very happy and the taste of spaghetti quite nice too. : D even john's mother also said that NOT BAD as we are first time of cooking. XD

when the chicken mince mix with garlic, onion and carrot.

he is helping me to fried the chicken.

when the tomato puree is put.

Finally, It's DONE! so nice~ XD

the pineapple and lime cooler.

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