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Luxury Hotel & Relaxing Resort

Watch the travel program at Astro channel, saw these 2 types of hotel and resort. feel interesting so search their info through google. one in Singapore another at Pulau Tioman. both of them look class and really nice! i hope that i can visit and stay there in the future when i afford to. : D

First, i gonna introduce the luxury hotel in Singapore.

Hotel Michael is the name and it is a 11-storey boutique hotel. It's named after Michael Graves and it's located at Sentosa, Singapore. It topped - out on 15 July 2009 and was opened on 20 January 2010.

Michael Graves (born July 9, 1934) is an American architect. Identified as one of The New York Five, Graves has become a household name with his designs for domestic products sold at Target stores in the United States.

Stepping into Hotel Michael is like entering an art gallery, with mural - adorned walls and artistic furniture pieces that tell a story in every honey maple - colored room. Even the child - friendly bathroom, it covered with a flower motif mosaic - covered wall and unusual blue mosaic - tiled circular shower.

There are 4 types of room in the hotel.

Deluxe Suite with a luxurious king - sized bed and ample room space, these suits are perfect for a romantic getaway for two. It decked out in delicately muted colors to create a warm, homely feel, and a bathroom that features both a circular shower and a large bath.

Presidential Suites features a fully - equipped kitchen, an elegant living area and a circular balcony with awe - inspiring views of Sentosa Island. It provides 24 - hour concierge services too.

Deluxe King come in delicately muted colors to create a welcoming, homely feel, houses a luxurious king - sized bed. In the bathroom, the classic black and white marble flooring as well as the flower - motif mosaic wall is a sight to behold.

Club Deluxe rooms are the ultimate in exclusivity and luxury. You can relax after an activity - filled day in the serenity of your own private domain and sample the full spectrum of services offered.

Besides, there are 2 types of dining restaurant for you to enjoy.
Palio is a fine dining restaurant which showcasing authentic Tuscan cuisine with a scrumptious variety of traditional Italian recipes and rare seasonal ingredients air - flow from Italy. With an open - kitchen concept and dining along bustling Festive Walk, guests can immerse in the exuberant Italian culture, and eclectic interior concept.

Michael's Lounge is a stylish and sophisticated indoor bar and lounge concept, where guests are welcomed with a variety of hot and cold beverages with light music playing in the background.


Back to local, we have a very relaxing resort which you can found in Pulau Tioman. It really can release your stress and relax your mind. You might enjoy your holidays with nature. It is built in the jungle and they DO NOT remove anything or cut any trees when building the resort. This is the most special about the resort.

JapaMala is the name of the resort which takes from prayer beads for mantra meditation. It is a symbol of peace and bliss, take pleasure in true seclusion amid 11 acres of lush wilderness flanked by an inviting beach. JapaMala is the only boutique resort on Tioman Island which besieged by nature - lovers and those who yearn to simply self - indulge.

Their way of live is do nothing at all, let your surroundings do it for you. It already shows that with the relaxing environment, you will have a good and relaxing holidays during your stay at JapaMala.

There is only 6 types with total of 13 rooms in the resort.

Penghulu's House is the resort's only 2-storey-2-bedroom villa. This modern village-house has the jungle at its front door and the seashore, its backyard. While ancient-aged boulders fashion the interior, the rustic-style rooms are furnished with modern comforts of an urban home. Tall glass windows perimeter the villa, nakedly displaying the wonders of nature that surrounds it. The main bedroom opens out to a spectacularly close view of the sea. In the ground room have direct access to the private swimming pool.

Seaview Sarang is the largest, most lavish room and only one in the resort. It rest on a low terrain and is built with a kitchenette and a semi-outdoor dining room. The bathroom is built with both sky view and the jungle view. Sarangs' unique ambience owes itself to a refreshing combination of luxury and nature. Secluded and romantic, this villa evoke a dreamlike feeling of opulence and adventure - a distinctive ambience that relaxes yet inspires.


Hillside Plunge Pool Sarang are split-leveled rooms and are perched high on the hillside. It perfectly designed for a dream holiday, be seduced by its sense of adventure and some seious relaxation.


Jungle Sarang are tucked away on the lower terrain of the resort. They're adorned with an open-air bath tub with the rainforest as its backdrop, hidden enough to allow total privacy. The Sarang is distinctively designed for the total experience of living comfortable in the jungle without foregoing the finer things in life.


Seacliff Chalet is the simplicity of the traditional living space adorned with a modern chic. Stunning views of the South China Sea and balmy breezed of the sea. Bask in the most glorious tropical sunsets with a sun-down at the balcony. Each chalet is unique and offers a unobstructed view even from shower room. Divided only by glass, take in the evening colors and the surrounding beauty of the bay below. Watch life drift idly by on the ebbing tide, the gentle lapping of waves seem to bring inner peace.

Treetop Chalet is perched high above the luxuriant jungle canopy. Their very proximity to nature make these chalets so keenly sought after. You will find the noise of the jungle predominates; the soft rustle of windblown leaves; the chirping of crickets and birds; and the foraging of wild creatures at night.

Besides the rooms that provide you a relax mode, you might found that their 2 different restaurant and also the spa offer you a different experience during the stay in the resort.

Tamarind Terrace is the sister restaurant to award-winning Tamarind Hill & Tamarind Springs in KL. This restaurant is open to the luxuriant rainforest in the background and the beach only a stone's throw away at its front. Palatable Thai, Indo-Chinese & Malay cuisine is served here. A selection of Western breakfast is also available.

Mandi-Mandi Restaurant is the lastest edition to the resort's collection of aesthetic spots. It's built on stilts to hover above the sea. Another open-concept dining venue with overhung pavilions becomes the perfect tanning station for sun lovers. Serves global cuisines with Italian emphasis with a range of creative beverages. Nightly BBQs are done here to celebrate that typical tropical romance below the stars.

Samadhi Spa is designed and built to create memorable sensory as well as visual experiences. It is a place to harvest that wellness of your mind & body and making it a definite part of you.


Here are all the info i could provide for these 2 hotel & resort which the theme are totally different. one is to enjoy the luxury and high class holidays while another one is to relax your mind and release stress with the nature.

I wish that i could have the chance to stay or even work in both hotel or resort. But, i prefer the JapaMala resort compare to Hotel Michael although I like oversea more. It is because i like the environment and the concept of the resort. i love nature actually, haha. but who knows, maybe i will feel boring in long term. XD so, i will choose to be a guest in order to be hotelier.haha!

I love hotel and resort, especially those unique theme or design of the hotel. This is why i choose to be in hotel line and no regret although the study a bit tough. but what to do? every field also have their own pressure right? as long as i can work in a field that i interested. : )


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