Thursday, July 22, 2010


SORRY!! my mistake, my words, i just too impulse. always act like this. i'm so ridiculous that always hurt the one i love and make him sad. he always said it's his fault that make me cry, but actually, i am the one who make myself cry and make you feel so sad.

you said you want to improve to become a better man, i should also stop be impetuous and say out something that hurts without thinking. i always act like this, i'm so wrong. sorry baby, i just dont know how to control my emotion and my mouth. i will learn this mistake and change myself.

you said when you saw me cried you feel so sad and crying inside. but when i heard you said yourself useless that always make me cry, i feel so guilty and sad also. baby, you are not useless you know? you are the best i ever meet. you do make me laugh and happy always, sometimes really me, myself make me cry. everyone have their own attitude problem, so do us. but i believe and i have 100% confident that both of us can improve ourselves and become a better one for each other. i have confident and i trust that we will become better and better, these argument will not affect our relationship but will help us to improve, right?

baby, you are so mean to me, i really need you badly because i really love you very much. i can't imagine the day you leave me, the day i going to lose you. maybe we being together not that long, but we know each other for some time, and my feeling towards you also not start from this few weeks, it's been a long time, maybe it's start few weeks after we've been so close. i really could not imagine how my world will turn into when i lose you, baby.

i'm so scare that i will going to lose you, i'm so scare that you will give up. baby, promise me, don't give up on me, don't leave me. i promise i will try my best to change everything that is bad. i will think before i want to say something, i will always care about you like you do. i trust and i believe, 100% of confident on our relationship and also on ourselves that we could make it better.


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