Sunday, April 12, 2009

Couple Couple.

went to queensbay yesterday with him.reached there around 5something,met his friends at PizzaHut.they went to watch movie themselves while we had our own programme.XD we decided went to Dave' Deli had our's cheap and the taste not bad.but you just can only ordered 1/4 chicken because the sauce they gave is not enough for 1/2 chicken.LOL! then hong hwa them called me because they wanna join us.we watched Sinjuku Incident at 7.30pm.

the movie was very nice,but have a lot of disgusting screen.@@ it's talk about a lot of chinese from China went to Japan work. Jackie Chan and Daniel Wu were best friends.Jackie Chan went to Japan is to find his lover who had came to Japan.Jackie Chan had lost his document so he cant go back to China already.he worked as "black worker" with Daniel and some China Man there.Jackie want to earn alot of money,so he started to do some bad things and he found that his lover had became a Japanese triad's wife.he had forgive her and he met Fan Bing Bing.she become his lover at the end.Jackie Chan work for his ex's husband.those China Man now have their own place,Sinjuku.they are Sinjuku's head.Jackie left the place for his brothers and went to do small business with his lover.all his brothers become very worst.At the end all died,included Jackie Chan and Daniel Wu.more detail, go GSC watch yourself.x) it is really NICE MOVIE.

after movie,we went to Golden Bay had our dinner.then we go round island.hong hwa park her car at my house then we all sit his car.because hong hwa them need to wake up early on Sunday so we cant go too far.we started our journey from my house to Balik Pulau.then Teluk Kumpar and back to my house.the journey ended at 12am. x)

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